Stephen Gibson

Financial Advisor

Stephen has more than 25 years in the asset management business. He has been a recognized product innovator, developing the first China closed end fund, the first tax managed fund and among the first multi-class asset allocation funds. Stephen launched the first U.S. high yield funds in Europe and the first U.S. multiclass bond fund into Japan. His investment leadership experience ranges from mutual funds to variable annuities to UITs to hedge funds. In 2001 Stephen was President of Liberty Funds when its Colonial subsidiary won Barron’s Fund Group of the Year. He has also been a shaper of industry regulation serving on the broker dealer committee advising the SEC on proposed regulation.  

Stephen began in asset management with the Kemper Group (now Scudder) in the 1980’s. Stephen was the head of product management and number two in the firm when Putnam Investments (at $110 Billion) became the top selling fund group in the U.S. in 1996. Stephen has directed more than 100 different individual investment products with more than $160 Billion at three different firms.     

In recent years Stephen has championed asset allocation products focused on defensive down market capture. Stephen also has consulted for more than a dozen leading wealth managers since 2010. He joined Affinity Wealth Management in April. Stephen was drawn by the firm’s historic emphasis on down market preservation of capital. He has been a longtime admirer of Jim Kalil, the original founder of Affinity, who was a pioneer in momentum investing.  Among his specialty roles is enhancement of manager selection processes and he serves as a research leader of the investment committee. Stephen is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and has his MBA in finance from Duke.