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Ray Manza, MBA

Ray Manza, MBA

Financial Advisor

Ray joined Affinity Wealth Management in 2000 after a long and successful career with JP Morgan, where he was Vice President and Global Operations Manager for the bank's $36 billion credit business. He currently works as a Senior Advisor to many AWM clients. He also develops and maintains relationships with many small businesses in the area, lending his long experience and substantial expertise to their financial problems. 

"I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with many individuals and small companies in the area in an effort to help them meet their financial objectives. Helping individuals get the most out of their investments and providing them with an informed approach to the markets is very satisfying." 

Ray believes that the key to investment success is to help individuals understand their investment profile - their tolerance for risk and the need to returns to meet their goals. The key to success is an understanding that every individual's investment profile may change as they move through their financial life cycle toward achieving their life goals. 

Ray is an accomplished speaker who has been frequently called on by civic, charitable and professional organizations to discuss investment philosophies, economic conditions and money management strategies. He would be happy to work with your organization in a variety of ways. 

Direct Line: 302-254-6109 

Toll Free: 800-825-8399 ext. 109