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How To Read More or More Importantly, How to Get More Knowledge

| January 09, 2019
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I love to read.  I love to take in new information.  My personal version of heaven is where I can sit in a library and read every book ever written for all of eternity.  Unfortunately, with a business to run, clients to see and a family, my time is not infinite.  In addition, my book list grows exponentially each month, so I’ve come up with a process to get through as many books as I can in a given year in several different formats.

The Must Reads – Important and Urgent

These are the books that interest me the most.  And I go about these the old fashion way – purchased in paper.  These are the books that I carve out 30 minutes per day to read.  They are the ones that I take notes on, dog ear and highlight.  I tend to re-read these books over and over again or review them for business purposes.

My 2018 Must Read of the Year – Professional Services Marketing by Mike Schultz and John Doerr

Important but Not Urgent

I tackle these books a few different ways, first would be via Kindle.  I use the Kindle Unlimited or just straight up purchase the e-books.

I am also a voracious user of audible and audio books in general.  I will listen to books in the car, doing laundry and working out.  I tend to just read/listen to these and take a few separate notes when something truly wows me.  Sometimes I will listen to the audio version of the must reads in order to really take in the information in several formats.

My 2018 Audible Book of the Year – Delivering Happiness by Tony Hseih

On the List, but Who Knows When I will get to It.

I’m sure you have friends and loved ones who recommend reading a book all the time.  I usually say, “thanks, I’ll add it to the list.”  Problem is that this list grows, and some great books go by the wayside.  For non-fiction books I’ve started to use the app Blinklist.  It basically turns a book into a summary that can be read and/or listened to within 15 minutes.  In addition, Kindle Unlimited will have a lot of business book summaries in short pdfs.  Worst case scenario is that you get the gist of the book, maybe get an idea to help your business or life, and you can scratch one off the list.  Best case is that the summary intrigues you enough to explore further and have it jump to the top spot.

So, that’s how I do it.  Some might say that what I’m doing is cheating but in my mind it’s better to spend 15 minutes on a book and move on then spend hours on it and realize that you don’t like it or that it’s not what you had hoped for.

Let me know how you do it?

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